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Vanson Leathers

Asphalt Insurance

Vanson leathers has started a new suit program. If you buy a new suit from 09/11/17 until 11/31/17 and If you took delivery after 09/01/17 you get 1 year of free crash damage repair. If you get cut out of your suit you only pay half of what the suit originally cost.

If you got your suit after 01/01/17 but before 9/11/17 you can buy into this program for 15% of what you paid for you suit, so if you paid $2000.00 for you suit it would cost you $300.00. Same covered 1 year free crash damage repair and 1/2 price of your cut off suit.

Questions? E-mail us at

**If your suit is cut off we will just need some verification from the track ambulance company.

Vanson Leathers Inc.
951 Broadway Fall River, MA 02724
Phone (508)678-2000

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