XDA: Pro Street Rule Revisions

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Pro Street Rule Revisions


In order to maintain parity in Orient Express Pro Street, there has been a few revisions to the rulebook. The turbocharged liter bikes are now on a table based on rider weight. The lighter riders (under 149 lbs) will now have to carry an additional 20 lbs or lose an inch of wheelbase and stay at the current combo weight. All other riders above 150 lbs will not have to carry any additional weight than they have already been running per our rules. Also, all liter bikes now have a displacement limit of 1300cc, which a liter bike cannot exceed with aftermarket components anyways. Now, we can collect data on different engine sizes from liter bikes in the class with this change. Also, there is now a  15 lb. deduction for liter bikes with stock seating position.

Big Bore Turbo bikes didn’t see any changes in the rules, other than relaxing the 1-2 auto penalty by only 15 lbs.

Click Below To See Revised Rulebook: xdaracing.com/rulebook/2019/prostreet.pdf

2019 XDA Schedule

  • PFR Spring Nationals / April 26-28 / MDIR
  • MTC Summer Nationals / May 31-June 2 / VMP
  • Superbike Showdown / June 21-23 / MDIR
  • WPGC Bike Fest / July 26-28 / MDIR
  • Bike Bash / August 23-25 / VMP
  • DME Racing Fall Nationals / September 20-22 / MDIR

About the XDA – The Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) is an east coast motorcycle drag racing series with 700+ motorcycle racers competing at each event. Every XDA event hosts professional classes, sportsman classes, grudge racing, and a vendor midway. Lifestyle activities such as bike shows, bikini contests, DJ and live bands are also held at select events. For more information on the XDA, please visit XDAracing.com or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.