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XDA Royal Rumble Predicts Staggering Performance at VMP

XDA Royal Rumble Predicts Staggering Performance at VMP

The Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) takes Motorcycle Drag Racing to Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) for the 2nd Annual MTC Engineering Bike Bash on August 21-23, 2020 and all spectators are welcome!

With only one event in the books for this year, XDA racers will have to produce peak performance with only two events left in this year’s race season.

2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing

XDA racers will be treated to the smoothest racing surface and the country’s best motorcycle track prep. As always, from the first pass down the track to the last, the traction will be staggering. This combo will be a guaranteed record-setter. Come out and join us for socially distanced motorcycle drag racing action!

XDA racers will be battling for over $75,000 in cash purse at this event, along with over $160,000 in contingency prizes. Racers and spectators alike will enjoy a vendor midway full of great deals on motorcycle parts, accessories, and apparel.

The MTC Engineering Bike Bash will feature the Orient Express Pro Street class running at speeds over 230 mph in only 6-seconds! Over 700 professional, sportsmen, and grudge motorcycle racers will compete next weekend. Still, all eyes will be on the event headliner, the Inaugural DME Racing Real Street Royal Rumble paying $5,000 to win, and a 32-Bike Field!

DME Racing Real Street

Class Points Leader – Ben Knight

Do you like drama? Then forget grudge racing, come hang out in the staging lanes with the racers of Real Street. The smack-talking, true hand clutch riding, Real Street racers are always entertaining on and off the track. The DME Racing 7-second, 190mph Real Street motorcycles will dazzle you on the track and keep you entertained between events in their Facebook group.

At the last event, Ben Knight said he was bringing his DAS Performance built ProCharger Hayabusa entry to the season opener to dominate. And his ‘Shake and Bake’ teammate Spencer Claycomb allowed him to do that by red lighting him to the winner’s circle. Will Claycomb let this happen again? Hell no, he has torn his bike down to the bones and is bringing a few more horses with him to VMP.

Anthony Weindel - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Anthony Weindel

With some rule changes made after the last race, we took the handcuffs off some of the shorter wheelbase combos by giving them some additional wheelbase. So, like Claycomb, several riders in the class will show up to the MTC Engineering Bike Bash with a few more inches, because size does matter. Now it’s going to be a party!

The Royal Rumble is replacing the 16 bike field with a massive thirty-two bike field and an additional payout to make this the richest pot of the year. Real Street racers will be treated to a catered dinner Saturday night (courtesy of Ralphie Navarro) to allow the smack talk to continue before Sunday eliminations show who can back up their claims.

Do not miss this dramatic class, and witness records fall in the biggest Real Street event of the 2020 drag racing season.

2020 XDA Real Street Royal Rumble - Motorcycle Drag Racing

Orient Express Pro Street

Class Points Leader – Greg Wallace

The radical street tire motorcycles of Orient Express Pro Street will once again be throwing everything they have at the VMP 1320 next weekend. These 650+ horsepower motorcycles running at speeds over 230mph in the quarter-mile, in only 6-seconds, never seem to be happy with their performance numbers. At the last/first event of the season these guys were trying to throw every bit of horsepower on the track, and to most, it was a detriment.

Mark Gargiulo - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Mark Gargiulo

This class is a special breed of racers that have little interest in A to B passes. While they want to make clean passes that win rounds, what they really want is the loftiest number on the board, every single time. And right now, Orient Express Pro Street is an apex with the entire class running at peak performance. It’s not two or three riders sitting at the top; they are all at the top fighting over the smallest increments. Come to VMP next weekend; you don’t want to miss the illustrious racing action served up by these asphalt lords.

Pro Xtreme

Class Points Leader – Travis Davis

Pro Xtreme racer Shane Eperjesi will be looking to the MTC Engineering Bike Bash for a second attempt at setting the MPH record he could not back up at the last race. And 4.60 racer Mike Chongris will be making his Pro Extreme debut next weekend. This class’s excitement keeps growing as the majority are running low 4.0 passes and knocking on those 3.9x ET’s.

Rob Garcia - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Rob Garcia

Pro Xtreme is presented by Ace Motorsports, Billy Vose Racing, Dunigan Racing, DME Racing, Grothus Dragbikes, Harley Haul, MaxxECU, Rob Bush Motorsports, Robinson Industries, Schnitz Racing, Timblin Chassis, and Worldwide Bearings.

HTP Performance Super Stock

Class Points Leader – David Fondon

HTP Performance Super Stock racer David Fondon from Puerto Rico leads the new class by twenty-four points after setting the ET and MPH record at the last event to 8.742 at 161.32 mph. The stock wheelbase motorcycles with limited modifications were a massive hit at the Platinum Fleet Repair Bike Fest, with all riders running within one second of each other.

Jeremy Teasley - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Jeremy Teasley

In this class, power adders will not get you from A to B; it’s all in the rider’s hand. Spectators will visually watch each rider’s skill as they try and control the horsepower of their machines off the starting line to the 330’. It really is impressive to watch. And as this class progresses, fans will witness each rider’s growth on their bike as the season continues. HTP Performance Super Stock is a class to keep your eye on!

Vance and Hines 4.60

Class Points Leader – Ron Procopio

Ron Procopio leads the Vance & Hines 4.60 class by a mere twenty-two points in this 1/8th-mile sportsman index category. This class’s competitors like to keep spectators on their toes when betting on who will win each battle to the 660. This class is full of the biggest names and fiercest competition in motorcycle drag racing. And despite the intense competitiveness among racers, this is a close-knit class. But just like frenemies, you always have to watch your back.

Michael Ostrowski - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Michael Ostrowski

The FBR Shop 5.60

Class Points Leader – Dustin Lee

The FBR Shop 5.60 class champion Courtlan Whiting came into the first race looking for a win to defend his title 2019 title. However, a second-round loss has him sitting fifteenth in points. And with only two races to go, and a plethora of heavy hitters in front of him, he has work to do. Dustin Lee sits at the top of the board with a twenty-five point lead. The 660 at VMP is going to be a bloodbath next weekend.

Courtlan Whiting - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Courtlan Whiting

Crazy 8’s

Class Points Leader – Tylan Beckelheimer

Tylan Beckelheimer from the JTR racing camp is on fire this year, taking the win at our first event and winning a ton of rounds at other events he has attended. He is packed up and ready to head to Virginia next weekend, looking for a repeat win. Andrew Ritchey and Stephen Knight are right behind him in points. However, he does have a sixty-point gap on the rest of the field going into the MTC Engineering Bike Bash.

Chanston Moll - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Chanston Moll

Mickey Thompson Top Sportsman

Class Points Leader – Jim Shifflett

Our Mickey Thompson Top Sportsman class, led by Jim Shifflett, features the quickest ET bikes on the property at XDA events. Top Sportsman runs in tandem with MPS Pro ET, allowing the winner to win a potential $9,000 in a weekend if they can get lucky enough to take the wins in both Pro ET classes as well. Next weekend the quickest ET riders will compete for a coveted spot in the thirty-two bike field.

Michael Daddio - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Michael Daddio

MPS Racing Pro ET

Class Points Leader – James Farmer

Our MPS Racing Pro ET points leader James Farmer took his first win of the year at the last event, but it wasn’t what we expected. Farmer is easy to identify on a race weekend with his beautiful lime green wheelie bar Hayabusa machine. But the last event he was winning rounds on a red Hayabusa street bike. With the bike change-up he left a few people doing a double-take. Farmer proved bars or no bars; he was going to keep winning rounds.

Rico Brown - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Rico Brown

Brock’s Performance Street ET

Class Points Leader – Montrell Johnson/Derrick Milbourne

The Brock’s Performance Street ET class is a tight race at the top of the leader board with Montrell Johnson and Derrick Milbourne holding 131 points, Michael McAllister 130 points, and Laray Proctor and Tyrone Dale trailing by an additional ten points. Street ET runs on both Saturday and Sunday, allowing racers two chances to earn points towards the championship. New racers are welcome at all XDA events, come out and learn how to drag race with us on an OEM True Hand Clutch!

Francis Proctor Jr - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Francis Proctor Jr

HTP Performance Grudge

The Saturday night HTP Performance Afterdark Underground Grudge program will continue to feature APE Nitrous Bulls (Nitrous Bikes), Monster Bulls (Heavyweights), and the new Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls (Smaller buy in) at all events. These No-Time classes feature very few rules and offer Grudge racers an opportunity to earn points for a year-end championship (except for the new DMV Bulls class). Grudge racing provides a lot of fast-paced action and excitement to bet on, and you don’t want to miss the Saturday night program.

Calvin Williams Grudge racing - 2020 XDA Motorcycle Drag Racing
Calvin Williams

Additional nightly action will include XDA Cornhole Tournaments on Friday and Saturday nights for a total pot of $500 per night.

Spectators are permitted in Virginia and can attend XDA, following local social distancing health guidelines. Standing along the fence in front of the grandstands is no longer allowed. Fans sitting in the grandstands must be in a row with a green stripe; rows with red stripes are off-limits. Fans must remain six feet away from groups they didn’t travel with, and they must abide by distancing markers in line at the concession stand.

All racers, crew, and spectators must purchase their admission tickets at the gate. An adult weekend pass is $40, or an adult 1-Day pass is $20. A Junior (12-15) weekend pass is $20, or a Junior 1-Day pass is $10. Kids 11 & under are FREE!

Visit www.XDAracing.com/bikebash for event information, class rules, payouts, entry fees, schedule, and more.

Class Entry List and Resources

XDA prides itself on having a close-knit group of racers, below you will find a list of racers attending this event along with links to class-specific groups that you can access to talk to other racers and get your questions answered. Together we are strong.

XDA Facebook Groups

Largest Pro Count in XDA History – 112 Pros CONFIRMED!

Orient Express Pro Street

  1. Darion Payne
  2. Chris Moore
  3. Alex Moore
  4. Tony Ficher
  5. Greg Wallace
  6. Jordan Haase
  7. Rodney Williford
  8. Mark Gargiulo
  9. Ryan Bonitatis
  10. Ehren Litten
  11. Justin Shakir
  12. Gabe Frederick
  13. Gaige Herrera
  14. Kenny Brewer
  15. Jason Dunigan
  16. Jeremy Teasley
  17. Ricky Wood
  18. Ryan Schnitz
  19. Chris Edwards
  20. Ian Malone
  21. Ryan Hable

DME Racing Real

  1. Brandon Teasley
  2. Spencer Claycomb
  3. Ben Knight
  4. Chad Sosnowski
  5. David Stewart
  6. Richard Diggs
  7. Brittany Bohne
  8. Alisha Malone
  9. Casey Baxter
  10. Jeremy Teasley
  11. Anthony Weindel
  12. Bud Harrod
  13. Caleb Holt
  14. Mark Hylton
  15. Ralphie Navarro
  16. Jovi CPturbobusa
  17. Wes Brown
  18. Ashley Sweeney
  19. Michael Sweeney Jr.
  20. Anibal Merced
  21. Rodney Williford
  22. Joe Franco
  23. Rickey Gadson

Pro Xtreme

  1. Chris Cutsinger
  2. Shane Eperjesi
  3. Rob Garcia
  4. John Collins
  5. Kevin Clarke
  6. Bobby Lovingood
  7. Travis Davis
  8. Tommy Saxon
  9. Billy Vose
  10. Mike Chongris
  11. Matt Smith
  12. Ronnie Smith

HTP Performance Super Stock

  1. Darion Payne
  2. Derek Sobiech
  3. Tony Ferland
  4. Chris Moore
  5. Key Moore
  6. Russell Dennison Jr
  7. David Fondon Merino
  8. John Briscoe
  9. Brian Johnson
  10. Marcus Queen
  11. Tarius Johnson
  12. Jamar Price
  13. Patrick Cooper
  14. Curtis McDougald
  15. Caleb Holt
  16. Stewart Northan
  17. Jerome Max Benton
  18. Patrick Butler
  19. Brandon Feagon
  20. Dustin Clark
  21. Jordan Haase
  22. Drae Taylor

Vance & Hines 4.60

  1. Cameron Shelton
  2. Darion Payne
  3. Mike Ostrowski
  4. Kenny Cornnell
  5. Will Phillips
  6. Eran Pielert
  7. Wilson Burkhead
  8. Mike Beverly
  9. Ronald JR Procopio
  10. Brad Gleason
  11. Ron Bonitatis
  12. Dystany Spurlock
  13. Steven Shriver
  14. Jimmy Petway
  15. Douglas Robinson
  16. Michael Thyen
  17. Terry Tompkins
  18. Ellis Pierce
  19. Jim Jordan
  20. Preston Hopkins
  21. Harvey Hubbard
  22. Johnny Anderson
  23. Larry Leftwich
  24. Robbie Hunnicutt
  25. James Taylor
  26. Curtis Jr Griggs
  27. Mac McAdams
  28. Troy Hausmann
  29. Boo Brown
  30. Tyler Cammock
  31. Wes Hawkins
  32. Durwood Rawlings
  33. Darryl Hollins
  34. Kevin White
  35. George Whitaker



Racer Parking 6pm – 9pm
Gates Close 9pm


Gates Open 8am
Tech Inspection 8am – 11pm
Racer Parking 8am – 11pm
All Day T&T ($100 per bike) 11am – 11pm
Gambler’s Race Time Run 5:30pm
Evening T&T ($20 per bike) 6:30pm – 11pm
Gambler’s Race Eliminations Begin 7pm
Pro Qualifier #1 (4.60, PX, PST, RST, SS, Bulls, Grudge) 8pm
Gates Close 11pm


Gates Open 8am
Tech Inspection 8am – 11pm
Racer Parking 8am – 11pm
Sportsman Qualifier #1 (T/S, P/ET, PTQP, C/8, S/ET, 5.60) 8am – 10am
Sportsman Qualifier #2 (T/S, P/ET, PTQP, C/8, S/ET, 5.60) 10am – 12pm
Sportsman Eliminations Begin (P/ET, S/ET) 12pm
Pro Qualifier #2 (4.60, PX, PST, RST, SS, Bulls, Grudge) 2pm
Pro Qualifier #3 (4.60, PX, PST, RST, SS, Bulls, Grudge) 5pm
Bulls Round #1 8pm
Pro Qualifier #4 (4.60, PX, PST, RST, SS, Grudge) 8:15pm
Afterdark Underground 9pm – 11pm
Bulls Round #2 9pm
Bulls Round #3 10pm
Bulls Finals 10:45pm
Gates Close 11pm


Gates Open 8am
Tech Inspection 8am – 10am
Racer Parking 8am – 10am
Church Service 8:30am
Sportsman Elims Begin (T/S, P/ET, PTQP, C/8, S/ET, 5.60) 10am
Pro Round #1 (4.60, PX, PST, RST, SS, Grudge) 1pm
Pro Round #2 (4.60, PX, PST, RST, SS, Grudge) 3pm
Pro Round #3 (4.60, PX, PST, RST, SS, Grudge) 5pm
Pro Round #4 (4.60, PX, PST, RST, SS, Grudge) 6:30pm
Pro Round #5 (4.60, SS) 7:30pm
Gates Close 8pm

2020 XDA Bike Bash at Virginia Motorsports Park

2020 XDA Schedule

  • PFR Spring Nationals / April 24-26 / MDIR – cancelled
  • MTC Summer Nationals / May 15-17 / VMP – cancelled
  • Superbike Showdown / June 19-21 / MDIR– cancelled
  • WPGC Bike Fest / July 24-26 / MDIR
  • Bike Bash / August 21-23 / VMP
  • DME Racing Fall Nationals / September 18-20 / MDIR

About the XDA – The Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) is an east coast motorcycle drag racing series with 700+ motorcycle racers competing at each event. Every XDA event hosts professional classes, sportsman classes, grudge racing, and a vendor midway. Lifestyle activities such as bike shows, bikini contests, DJ and live bands are also held at select events. For more information on the XDA, please visit XDAracing.com or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

2020 XDA Sponsors
1 Stop Speed / Ace Motorsports / APE Race Parts / Atlantic Cycle & Power / Billy Vose Racing / Mickey Thompson Tires / Bates Leathers / Brock’s Performance / Coleman PowerSports / Cycle Concepts / Dragbike.com / DME Racing / Dunigan Racing / Dunlop Motorcycle Tires / The FBR Sop / FuelTech / G Force Racing Engines / Grothus Dragbikes / Hard Times / Harley Haul Motorcycle Transport / JE Pistons / Kibblewhite Precision Machining / Mace Motorsports / Marvic Wheels / MaxxECU / MPS Racing / MTC Engineering / Orient Express Racing / Penske Racing Shocks / Platinum Fleet Repair / Pingel / Rob Bush Motorsports – 190 Hookup.com / Robinson Industries / Schnitz Racing / Timblin Chassis / Tommie’s Motorsports DMV / Unit 5 Components / Vance & Hines / VooDoo Custom Motorcycle Components / VP Race Fuels / Web Cam Racing Camshafts / Williford Racing / WPGC / Worldwide Bearings

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