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XDA Two Wheel Warfare Reached a Boiling Point at VMP

XDA Racing

35th annual MTC Engineering Summer Nationals
Virginia Motorsports Park
May 21-23, 2021

XDA Two Wheel Warfare Reached a Boiling Point at VMP

The XDA’s 35th Annual MTC Engineering Summer Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park was pure warfare as the class rivalries heated up.

Summer finally arrived with 90-degree temperatures, but the show did not suffer with
675 racers showing up ready to compete. XDA stays the largest motorcycle drag racing event in Virginia. Record turnouts included an all-time high of fifty-four Vance & Hines 4.60 Index bikes, delivering the quickest field and the largest winner payout ever at $12,400 to win!

Vance & Hines 4.60

Winner – Mac McAdams / Runner-up – Ronald Procopio
#1 Qualifier – John Hall 4.60

The MTC Engineering Summer Nationals witnessed the biggest and quickest Vance and Hines 4.60 field in history. While Sixty-Six bikes pre-entered, fifty-four bikes were on the property to qualify for the forty-eight bike field. The XDA payout along with the Last Man Standing pool, had the winner riding home with a $12,400 payout!

XDA John Hall
4.60 Index – John Hall

It was amazing to have so many new faces in 4.60 experience the XDA,” said promotor Jason Miller. “Our staff worked hard in the high temperatures to keep the program moving along while accommodating the larger class numbers. We hope to see many of the new 4.60 racers come and race with us more often. It was a pleasure to have you at the XDA.”

At the season opener eight riders qualified with a 4.60x, and this past weekend we had TWENTY riders qualified with a 4.60x! And not only that, our top four competitors qualified with a 4.600 to force mph to determine their qualifying position. NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle competitor John Hall took the number one spot followed by Devon Perkins, Richard Gadson, and Harvey Hubbard.

XDA Dystany Spurlock
4.60 Index – Dystany Spurlock

In round one Dystany Spurlock on the Marks Racing Suzuki was the standout cutting a .002 reaction time for a win over Keith Nichols. Round two the competition got tighter as only five ET’s out of twenty-two were not a 4.6x. By round three, the hits on the tree were the best we have ever seen in the class.

XDA Ron Procopio
4.60 Index – Ron Procopio

In Round four Mac McAdams took a win over Eran Pielert with a 4.621 to 4.637. Troy Hausman got a win over Broderick Jackson when he red-lit. Ronald Procopio won over Tommy Saxon with a 4.649 to his 4.617.

McAdams had an earned bye in the semi-final and ran a 4.598. Procopio took the win with a 4.612 over Hausmann’s 4.622.

XDA Mac McAdams
4.60 Index – Mac McAdams

With both finalists in the ‘The Last Man Standing’ pool, there was a $12,400 payday on the line. Pressure is something both Procopio and McAdams are no stranger to, and we were prepared for the dog fight. McAdams killed the tree with a .011 to Procopio’s .063 reaction. And with only six hundred & sixty feet of battleground, these two shot down the track. Procopio ran a breakout 4.593 to McAdams winning 4.623. While that round hurt for Procopio, that was a BIG WIN for ‘Boss Hogg’ and the McAdams team.

Orient Express Racing Pro Street

Winner – Rodney Williford / Runner-up – Jason Dunigan
#1 Qualifier – Rodney Williford 6.548

The Orient Express Racing Pro Street class parity is back after literbike rules advantages were taken away over the winter. Now they must run under the same rules as the Hayabusa’s in regard to ground clearance, seat height and rider weight tables. The literbikes are struggling but have already ran 6.5’s this season.

XDA Ricky Wood
Pro Street – Ricky Wood

The VMP racing surface delivered all weekend with Hayabusa riders Greg Wallace, Justin Shakir, and Jason Dunigan nailing 230 mph passes on the boards during competition. And the performance did not stop there with six racers improving their Orient Express Goat List positions. Curtis Brown, Rickey Wood, Kenny Brewer, Rickey Grayson, Dunigan and Shakir all moved up the list.

In round one of competition Brewer, Grayson, and Shakir all had byes from broke competition. Greg Wallace took an easy win when Darion Payne had problems at the tree and could not make his pass. Ryan Hable on the Lee Tomlinson tuned Hayabusa is back on track and took a win over Ricky Wood.

Gaige Herrera won the round but was disqualified when he made contact with the wall before the finish line. His right body panel came loose pushing the bike into the wall hard, he did a great job saving it and keeping the bike under control. This accident reinstated Jordan Haase into round two.

XDA Ryan Hable
Pro Street – Ryan Hable

In round two Ryan Hable ran his personal best of 6.824, but it would be no match for Williford’s 6.786. With nearly identical reaction times, Justin Shakir and Rickey Grayson threw down a heart-pounding pass as both riders put up their personal best passes; Shakir took the win with a 6.579 to Grayson’s 6.594.

In the next pair Jason Dunigan ran a personal best of 6.555 to send Kenny Brewer home early. Greg Wallace took the win over Jordan Haase with a 6.612 to his 6.884.

And the ET’s kept dropping into the semi-finals. Shakier ran his quickest pass of 6.514 at 230.96, however Rodney Williford just turned up the dial and ran a 6.455 for the win.

XDA Greg Wallace
Pro Street – Greg Wallace

Jason Dunigan and Greg Wallace kept the action rolling as they ran side-by-side and threw up 230 mph passes on the boards. Jason Dunigan got the win with a 6.567 at 230.13 over Wallace’s 6.581 at 230.37 mph.

XDA Jason Dunigan
Pro Street – Jason Dunigan

The final round would be the closest competition of the weekend. Points leader Rodney Williford was slightly ahead of Dunigan, at the thousand-foot mark Williford’s’ ET was 5.496 and Dunigan’s 5.492. They were side-by-side fighting to get to that finish line first. Williford’s light came on first with a 6.497 to Dunigans’ 6.502!

XDA Rodney Williford
Pro Street – Rodney Williford

With only seven bikes in the 6.40’s Dunigan will have a new goal going into the FuelTech Superbike Showdown. Williford, with back-to-back wins is now a target. If his competitors want a shot at the championship, they need to take him out early at the next race.

DME Racing Real Street

Winner – Joey Gladstone / Runner-up – Brandon Teasley
#1 Qualifier – Spencer Claycomb 7.456

DME Racing Real Street saw their quickest qualified field with Spencer Claycomb taking the number one qualifying spot with a 7.456, only .007 off the class record.

XDA Spencer Claycomb
Real Street – Spencer Claycomb

In round one of eliminations, Claycomb would have problems off the line to send Richard Gadson to round two. David Stewart and Brittany Bohne would have the closest race of the session with Stewart getting the win with a 7.651 to Bohne’s 7.774. Brandon Teasley, Mark Hylton, Joey Gladstone, and Jeremy Teasley would also advance to round two.

XDA brandon teasley
Real Street – Brandon Teasley

David Stewart took the round two win but then was disqualified for adding illegal ballast to his forks in the form of an air scoop. This would advance champion Branson Teasley for another shot at a win. Mark Hylton won with a 7.608 over Jeremy Teasley’s 8.175. Joey Gladstone would also win with a 7.716 over Richard Gadson’s 7.834.

In the semi-final, Joey Gladstone earned a bye to the final. Brandon Teasley got the win over Mark Hylton with a 7.765 to his 8.007.

xda joey gladstone
Real Street – Joey Gladstone

The final would be uneventful as Brandon Teasley would be a no-show with engine problems. Joey Gladstone took an easy win at 7.671. Teasley said he will be working to get the bike ready for the next event at Maryland International Raceway.

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme

Winner – John Collins / Runner-up – Chris Garner-Jones
#1 Qualifier – Rob Garcia 3.991

The MaxxECU Pro Xtreme bikes struggled at the MTC Summer Nationals with oil downs every session. These guys were pushing their bikes to the edge, and it showed. Rob Garcia took the top qualifying spot with a 3.991, and that would be the only three-second pass of the weekend.

XDA Pro Extreme - Rob Garcia
Pro Extreme – Rob Garcia

In round one Chris Garner-Jones, Shane Eperjesi and John Collins would win while Rob Garcia would advance with an earned bye.

In the semi-final, Shane Eperjesi would cut a .008 reaction on Chris Garner-Jones, but he could not overpower him as Garner-Jones got the win with a 4.028 to Eperjesi’s 4.482. John Collins would win on a holeshot with an .016 reaction to Garcia’s .099. Collins won, running a 4.101 to Garcia’s quicker 4.022.

Chris Garner Jones
Pro Extreme – Chris Garner-Jones

The Pro Extreme final would be a disappointment as both Garner-Jones and Collins were broke. Collins broke the beams under power to get the weekend win.

XDA John Collins
Pro Extreme – John Collins

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme is presented by Ace Mechanical, Billy Vose Racing, Dallas Flat Glass, Dunigan Racing, DME Racing, Grothus Dragbikes, Harley Haul, Rob Bush Motorsports, Robinson Industries, Schnitz Racing, Timblin Chassis, and Worldwide Bearings.

HTP Performance Super Stock

Winner – David Fondon / Runner-up – Jyrec Givens
#1 Qualifier – Zachary Applegate 8.672

For two straight events, Zachary Applegate took the number one qualifying spot in HTP Performance Super Stock. Running only .012 off the class record of 8.66, Applegate led the twenty-five bike field with an 8.672.

Applegate would make it all the way to the semi-finals. A final round finish looked promising, but the semi-final is where the weekend would end for the young Dallas racer. Running off his number for the first time that weekend at 9.256, he gave the win to Jyrec Givens with a quicker 9.037.

XDA jyrec givens

Champion David Fondon was on a new ride for this event. He parked his ZX-10R and hopped on Tauncy Soprano’s 2020 BMW S1000RR tuned by Brock Davidson. This change of bikes once again shows that Super Stock is a rider’s class. Without any previous event testing, David Fondon qualified with an 8.801 and ran an 8.8x pass every round.

XDA David Fondon

In the final, he would face Jyrec Givens for one of the closest passes of the weekend. Fondon got the win running 8.850 to Givens’ 8.889, making this two in a row and giving his points lead a bigger gap.

HTP Performance Grudge

The HTP Performance grudge racers turned out in high numbers for a well-prepped racing surface that would allow their performance to shine! We all witnessed Grudge Racers in the Shootouts who aren’t afraid to put their cash on the line to be able to stand in the Winner’s Circle.

APE Nitrous Bulls

Winner – Malcolm Phillips / Black Jesus
Runner-up – Richard Gadson / Redskins

The APE Race Parts Nitrous Bulls had its largest turnout with fourteen locked-in racers. In round one Lavar Delee on ‘High Roller,’ Terry Chase on ‘Moka Mods,’ David Fondon on ‘Louis David,’ Alex Williams on ‘Master Blaster,’ Demarious Boulware on ‘Revelation, Malcolm Phillips on ‘Black Jesus,’ and Richard Gadson on ‘Redskins’ proved to be the quickest bikes in the class with wins.

In round two Delee had an earned bye while Gadson, Williams, and Phillips took out competitions to advance to semi-finals.

XDA malcolm phillips black jesus

In the semi-final, Gadson would take out the ‘High Roller’ while Phillips put down the ‘Master Blaster.’ The highly anticipated final would be devastating as Gadson had problems with the bike and would have to back off the starting line. Phillips took the win on ‘Black Jesus’ and the $7,500.00 payday. With Cowboys fan Cecil Towner tuning ‘Redskins,’ will this bike return as a cowboy?

3 Sixty 5 Transport Monster Bulls

Winner – Dave Martin / Unknown
Runner-up – Michael Thyen / The Prisoner

In 3 Sixty 5 Transport Monster Bulls Dave Martin found redemption at the MTC Summer Nationals after a final-round loss at the PFR Spring Nationals. Martin on ‘Unknown,’ took out Howard Gerken on the ‘Joker’ in round one and earned a bye in the semi-final to face Michael Thyen on ‘The Prisoner’ in the final.

XDA davemartin unknow

On his way to the final Thyen put down Cordale Cole on ‘Serial Killer’ and previous winner David Page on ‘Pickin Pockets.’ In the final Thyen would lose the traction of the starting line and not recover to send Martin to the winner’s circle with a $3,250 payout.

Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls

Winner – Cody Lowe / Alimony
Runner-up – Chris Edwards / Hulk Smash

The Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls is witnessing Chris Edwards on ‘Hulk Smash’ turn into a bridesmaid with back-to back runner-up finishes. Edwards defeated Russell Dennison on ‘Code Red’ and Albert Stone on ‘Rick James’ as he made his way to his second straight final.

XDA Cody Lowe Alimony

On the other side of the ladder, standout Cody Lowe on ‘Alimony’ took out Edward Thomas on ‘Da Setup,’ previous winner Duane Jackson on ‘Miss Behavin,’ and Geoff Godfrey on ‘Minion.’ In the final Lowe got off the line quicker, and Edwards just couldn’t catch up giving the win and the $2,220 in cash to Cody Lowe for ‘Alimony.’

1 Stop Speed 5.60

Winner – Robert Parker / Runner-up – Dustin Lee
#1 Qualifier – Joe Desantis 5.60

Forty-Eight racers in 1 Stop Speed 5.60 filled the lanes for a chance at the eight-mile title. Joe Desantis took the number one qualifying position with a dead-on 5.600 pass.

MTC Summer Nationals winner Dustin Lee took out Mark Blake, Ben Helland, Maegan Bowers, and Nick Noble on his way to another final round appearance. On the other side of the ladder Robert Parker made it to his first 5.60 final taking out Freddy Frazier, Simeon Amaru, David Poague, Jerome Hicks, and Jimmie Miller.

XDA Robert Parker

In the final Parker took the starting line advantage with a .041 to Lee’s .092 reaction time. Parker running 5.602 would get the win light with Lee’s 5.590 breakout pass. The win would be bittersweet for Parker as his fiancé Kenan Dorsey was not in attendance as she recovers from an on-track accident earlier this year.

Mickey Thompson Tires Top Sportsman

Winner – Jeffrey Santin / Runner-up – Bobby Holland
#1 Qualifier – Bobby Holland 7.715

One hundred and eighteen riders attempted to get into the elite thirty-two field of Mickey Thompson Tires Top Sportsman. Bobby Holland was the quickest of the class with a 7.715 ET.

Bobby Holland would prove that he was not only quick, but he was also consistent. On his way to the finals, he triumphed over Michael Parsons, Robin Procopio, George Shriver, and Harvey Hubbard.

Jeffrey Santin who won the season opener, prevailed over Cory Stuebner, Andre Roche, Art Burhoe, and Norman Teal on his way to face Holland.

XDA jeffery santin

In the final Santin dialed an 8.33 to Holland’s quicker 7.85. When the bulbs dropped Santin had the starting line advantage with a .046 over Holland’s .084. When they crossed the finish line, it would be a holeshot win for Santin, who ran an 8.358 to Holland’s dead-on 7.858 pass. Two in a row for Santin has put him well in front with points. With only five events left, his competition has some work to do.

MPS Racing Pro ET

Winner – Kenny Webster / Runner-up – Bill Maturo Jr

XDA Kenny Webster

Close to one hundred and forty racers showed up to compete for the weekend’s $5,000 purse in MPS Racing Pro ET. Maryland racers Kenny Webster would face Pennsylvania racer Bill Maturo Jr in the final after they earned seven round wins. Both riders were killing the tree and running their dials consistently round after round. In the semi-final, Maturo cut a .009 light, however, he would go in the other direction and cut a -.009 red light to send Webster to the winner’s circle with the big payday.

Brock’s Performance Street ET

Winner – Derrick Milbourne / Runner-up – Louis Green Jr

In Brock’s Performance Street ET the competition was seeing red in the Virginia heat. The first round saw a whooping eighteen red lights as racers pushed the tree for that starting line advantage.

XDA derrick milbourne

2020 class Champion Derrick Milbourne stayed green to win six rounds before making it to the final. Waiting for him in the final was Louis Green Jr. Milbourne dialed an 8.84 and Green a 9.07. Milbourne got the starting line advantage with a .014 reaction to Green’s .065. Green had problems out of the gate, and When Milbourne looked over, he lifted off the throttle to win with a 10.389 as Green rolled through the traps with a disappointing 23.107.

Hard Times Parts & Service Gamblers Race

Winner – Mike Schultz / Runner-up – Duane Jackson

XDA Mike Schulz

The Friday night Hard Times Parts and Service Gamblers race had thirty-two of the toughest sportsman racers on the property entered to start their weekend with a $2,000 win. Mike Schulz and Duane Jackson meet in the finals for the Friday Night battle. Schulz took the cash with ease when Jackson went -.036 red making the race to the finish irrelevant.

For complete qualifying and round-by-round results of the event, visit www.xdaracing.com.


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