Zef Eisenberg Returns to Straightliners Top Speed Weekend

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What: Straightliners  “Top Speed Weekend”
When: 16th & 17th September
Where: Elvington Airfield, Halifax Way, Elvington, North Yorkshire 

Near death 230mph crash doesn’t stop businessman / World speed record holder getting back in the saddle!

Zef Eisenberg current holder of the Guinness and World land speed record for the fastest ‘Jet Turbine’ bike will be making his come back to top speed after a near fatal 230mph last year.

Zef, having been involved in motorbike stunt riding since he was 18, set a new world record of  234.01 mph over a mile last year (2016) on his Rolls Royce helicopter Turbine powered ‘MADMAX’ motorbike. This ‘road legal’ highly powerful 564 horsepower, fully bespoke motorbike, was built in his workshops in Guernsey. Costing over £350,000 and over 5 years of building and development. The new world record of 234.10mph was achieved over one (1) mile travelling, one (1) way as recorded by the UK Timing Association (UKTA)

Founder of Maxiuscle, which became Europe’s largest sports nutrition brand will be taking part in the Straightliners  “Top Speed Weekend”. At the event some of the most powerful bikes and cars from around the UK and Europe attempt to break UK and World land speed records. 

Speaking about the accident, Zef said “It was only thanks to the professional nature and fast action of the Straightliners crew, the on-site emergency services and Leeds hospital, that I am alive today. The biggest challenge during my recovery was maintaining the belief and confidence that I would get better. It took extreme mental effort to always look forward and be positive, when your mind is in a very dark place. This coupled with hours of gym and physio work each and every day, has enabled me to defy the doctors and only not only walk and ride motorbikes again, but pursue my love and passion for motorbike racing.”

The Straightliners Top Speed meeting runs over two days (Saturday and Sunday). While Straightliners make great efforts to have it’s events open to all, this event is regulated by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU). To compete for a national record participants must hold an ACU race licence, pass official scrutineering (safety controls) and be a Straighteners Events member. This event is open to all bikes, cars, mono-wheels and three wheelers. All speed attempts by competitors are electronically timed, recorded and published by the UK Timing Association (UKTA). They can be submitted to the various speed record bodies such as Guinness World Records.

Learn more about the event at www.straightlinersonline.co.uk or on Facebook

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